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Air cargo transportation on AN-12, IL-76, AN-124 and Boeing-747-400F aircraft.


Rustehpostavka LLC provides services for the organization of air transportation of bulky cargo on AN-124-100, IL-76, Boeing-757-200F and Boeing-747-400F(8F) all around the world.

Our company is also ready to lease AN-12, IL-76TD, Boeing-757-200F and Boeing-747-400F (8F) aircraft on ACMI terms.


  • We carry out charter transportation of passengers.
  • We transport dangerous and military cargo.
  • We rent AN-12 and IL-76TD transport aircraft on ACMI terms.

The advantages of air transportation by our company are : the urgency of delivery, a high level of reliability, the absence of geographical barriers and a flexible approach to the category of goods transported.

We transport dangerous and military cargo,

We carry out air transportation even where it is not available to others.