Discount on the price of spare parts older than 2017 year release or wholesale purchase of products.

PRODUCTS on the Mi-8/17/171/24/26 and Ka-32

Products on Mi-8/17/171/24/26 and Ka-32

1. We sell the Main Rotor Blades on the Mi-8/17/171 helicopters (8АТ-2710-000);

2. Sell the Main Rotor Blades on Mi-24 helicopters (24-2700-00);

3. We sell Main Gearboxes VR-14, VR-24, VR-252 for Mi-8/17/171, Mi-24, Ka-32 helicopters;

4. We sell engines TV3-117VМ (VМА), APU АI-9V-new

5. We sell Mi-8 MTV-1, Mi-17, Mi-26, Mi-171, Mi-24 and Ka-32 helicopters.

6. We sell under the order practically any spare parts NE condition for Mi-8/24 and Ka-32 helicopters.


The  RUSTEHPOSTAVKA company sells  systems of Avionics, radio communication and navigation. necessary for aircraft and helicopters to fly on International Air Lines.