The  RUSTEHPOSTAVKA LLC company sells and is ready to deliver to Customers systems of Avionics, radio communication and navigation. necessary for aircraft and helicopters to fly on International Air Lines. RUSTEHPOSTAVKA LLC supplies new equipment as any known international manufacturers of Avionics under the order. And also we sell Avionics which was in operation, passed check at the certified enterprise (the status S/V) with a full package of documents, with marks about the carried out testing, carried out capital repairs or updating of the software and ready to installation on planes and helicopters.

    We solve all issues with logistics in Russia, customs clearance of equipment and its delivery anywhere in the world.

                                     Table of equipment for sale (Parts For Sale).

Photo Designation p/n number Status
-MARK-VIII 965-1220-020 S/V
-KMD-540 066-04035-1101 S/V
2.  System TCAS II:
- TPU-67A 066-01146-1211 S/V
- MST-67A 066-01143-1602 S/V
066-01143-2101 S/V
- IVA-81D 066-01171-0903 S/V
- KFS-578A 071-01507-3303 S/V
- ANT-67А 071-01548-0200 S/V
-L-band ant. S65-5366-76 S/V
GPS 155 TSO 011-00104-00 S/V
  GI-102A Indicator 013-00048-01 S/V
-Radio altimeter RV-5М -D1 ГУ1.000.012 ПС S/V
-UBS(09) мод.1 ТЮКН.467475.001-09 S/V
-VHF radio station     "BAKLAN-20D" РПШИ.465644.006 S/V
-Remote control board        PDU-30 ИГЛМ 301433. 010-36 S/V
-Shock-absorbing frame for VHF radio station ИЖ6.122.53 S/V
  -Electronic altimeter                ВБЭ-2А   S/V
-Electronic altimeter                ВБЭ-СВС 6Г3.003.121 ПС S/V
  -Electronic altimeter                ВБЭ-СВС-ЦМ ИКЛВ.402253.001-01 ПС S/V
-Electronic altimeter                ВБЭ-СВС-Б-ЦМ ИКЛВ.402253.001-01 ПС S/V
-Ice detector    EW-164 447-164-000-021 S/V
20220809_173735 -Temperature sensor   П-104М   S/V
  -Temperature sensor   ПП-77   S/V
PKP-77М-1 6Д2.388.019-01 ПС S/V