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About Company


ROSTECHPOSTAVKA Group of Companies is a company offering services for leasing of transport aircraft, carrying out Full charter flights anywhere in the world for the transportation of general cargo, bulky, dangerous and military cargo, as well as a leading supplier of aviation and technical equipment (ATE) to aviation enterprises and customers located in Russia and foreign countries, which includes a number of subsidiaries to share work with Russian and foreign customers. The purpose of RUSTEHPOSTAVKA LLC is to provide customers with spare parts and assemblies for aircraft, both civil and dual-use. We supply spare parts from warehouses in Russia and abroad, as well as custom-made products.

     Companies within the Group of Companies ROSTECHPOSTAVKA offer Russian and foreign customers the supply of the following items of aviation equipment and components:

  • Cargo transportation by AN-12, IL-76TD, AN-124 and B-747F cargo aircraft. Our company transports bulky, dangerous and military cargo.
  • We lease AN-12 and IL-76TD transport aircraft on ACMI terms.
  • We carry out charter flights for the transportation of people and goods around the world.
  • We sell AN-12, AN-32 and IL-76TD transport aircraft.

     Companies within the ROSTECHPOSTAVKA Group of Companies offer customers the supply of the following items of aviation equipment and components:

  • Mi-8-MTV-1, Mi-17, Mi-171E, Mi-24P, Mi-24V and Ka-32 helicopters, new or after overhaul;
  • aircraft engines: TV2-117AG, TV3-117VM (VMA), TV3-117MT, D-136В, D-30KP-2, Ai-20M, Ai-24VT, Ai-25TL, NK-8-2U, Al-21F3, RD-33, R-11F-300, R-13F-300, R-29BS-300.
  • APU AI-9V, TA-6A, TG-16;
  • Main gearboxes VR-14, VR-24, VR-252, intermediate gearboxes, Main Rotor bushings, automatic skewing for helicopters, Vibration Dampers Mi-8 (Mi-17), Mi-171, Mi-24;
  • Main Rotor Blades for Mi-8 (8AT-2710-00) and Mi-24 (24-2700-00) helicopters.

       Companies within the ROSTECHPOSTAVKA Group of Companies offer the supply of :

  • Spare parts for helicopters on the platform:
  • -AH-64; Bell-412/AB-412; CH-47; CH-53; OH-58/B-206; SH-60/S-70B; UH-1N/AB-212/214; UH-60/S-70A.
  • Spare parts for transport and combat aircraft on the platform:
  • -C-130; C-5A; KC-135 and F-16.

        Advantages of the ROSTECHPOSTAVKA Group of Companies:

  • close working contacts with Russian and foreign enterprises allow us to supply customers with civil and dual-use products.
  • close working contacts with Russian and foreign airlines allow us to ensure the transportation of any non-prohibited cargo and passengers to almost anywhere in the world, including dangerous and military ones;
  • technical support of regular customers;
  • organization of repair, maintenance, modernization, modification and re-equipment of aircraft, repair and restoration of aircraft units;
  • delivery of only high-quality products and provision of competitive services;
  • flexibility in a constantly changing business environment and legal framework;
  • professional approach to each area of economic activity;
  • constant striving for strong, long-term partnerships and work on a permanent basis.

The accumulated experience, proven relationships with manufacturers, Management companies, Airlines around the world allow the company to successfully work in the market of spare parts for various types of aircraft, Rental of transport aircraft and Full charter flights for the transportation of people and cargo.

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          The Group of Companies ROSTECHPOSTAVKA also supplies and is ready to deliver to Customers systems of Avionics, radio communication and navigation. necessary for aircraft and helicopters to fly on International Air Lines. RUSTEHPOSTAVKA LLC supplies new equipment as any known international manufacturers of Avionics under the order. And also we sell Avionics which was in operation, passed check at the certified enterprise (the status S/V) with a full package of documents, with marks about the carried out testing, carried out capital repairs or updating of the software and ready to installation on planes and helicopters.