Discount on the price of spare parts older than 2017 year release or wholesale purchase of products.

About Company

1645936_voennye-vertolety-mi-8-foto ROSTECHPOSTAVKA Group of Companies is the main supplier of aviation technical equipment (ATE) to aviation enterprises and customers located in Russia and countries of the near and far abroad, which includes a number of subsidiaries to share work with Russian and foreign customers. The goal of the RUSTECHPOSTAVKA LLC is to provide customers with spare parts and assemblies for aircraft, both civilian and military. We supply spare parts and products under the order. In connection with the withdrawal from production of many units, as well as to reduce the time and reduce the cost of restoring aircraft (aircraft), products condition NE, NS, SV, OH. At the request of the customer we carry out the search, the organization of the necessary service and the supply of such products.

Companies within the Group of Companies ROSTECHPOSTAVKA offer Russian and foreign customers the supply of the following items of aviation equipment and components:

    helicopters of the type Mi-8-MTV-1, Mi-17, Mi-171E, Mi-24P, Mi-24V and Ka-32, equipped with a full set of spare parts, technical documentation, guarantees, condition NE, NS, SV, OH;

    aircraft engines: TV2-117AG, TV3-117VM, TV3-117VMA, TV3-117MT, D-136V, D-30KP-2, Ai-20D ser.5m, Ai-20M, Ai-24VT, Ai-25TL, NK-8-2u, NK-8-4, NK-12MP, Al-21F3, RD-33, R-11F-300, R-13F-300, R-29BS-300, R-35F-300;

    APU: AI-9B, TA-6A, TG-16;

    Main Gearboxes VR-14, VR-24, VR-252, intermediate gearboxes, rotor bushings, swashpads for helicopters Mi-8 (Mi-17), MI-171; Mi-24; Ka-32.

    Main Rotor Blades for helicopters Mi-8/17/171 (8АТ-2710-000);

    Main Rotor Blades for Mi-24 helicopters (24-2700-00);

    other aviation spare parts, units and units under the order.

Advantages of the ROSTECHPOSTAVKA Group of Companies:

  • close working contacts with Russian Helicopters Holding and Helicopter Service Company. Also, cooperation with the company ROSTECH and Rosoboronexport allows the delivery of products for both foreign and military purposes to foreign customers.
  •     comprehensive order servicing (minimum overhead and loss of time for partners in the organization of transportation, insurance, customs clearance and obtaining an export permit);
  •     Mandatory order fulfillment planning
  •     technical support of regular customers;
  •     organization of repair, maintenance, upgrading, retrofitting and re-equipment of aircraft, repair and restoration of aircraft units;
  •     delivery of quality products only;
  •     flexibility in an ever-changing business environment and legal framework;
  •     professional approach to each sector of economic activity;
  •     the constant pursuit of strong and long-term partnerships.

Accumulated experience, well-established relationships with manufacturers and management companies, understanding of the specifics of working with operators allow the company to successfully operate in the market of spare parts for various types of aircraft, as well as in the field of ground equipment supplies. In addition, understanding the importance of ensuring the reliability of all components of aviation equipment, we necessarily support all factory warranties on the spare parts, equipment and components supplied by us.

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The Group of Companies ROSTECHPOSTAVKA also supplies and is ready to deliver to Customers systems of Avionics, radio communication and navigation. necessary for aircraft and helicopters to fly on International Air Lines. RUSTECHPOSTAVKA LLC supplies new equipment as any known international manufacturers of Avionics under the order. And also we sell Avionics which was in operation, passed check at the certified enterprise (the status S/V) with a full package of documents, with marks about the carried out testing, carried out capital repairs or updating of the software and ready to installation on planes and helicopters.